Day 23 – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 23 is here – and as always, the hard part is narrowing down my list to five things. (A tougher thing this week has been having time to sit and write during a special family week. 🙂 ) So balancing those two factors, I’ll be a little less verbose today. At least I’ll try…

Today’s 5 things of thanks:

1. fishing – even when you don’t catch anything!

2. the beach – on a day that isn’t a typical hot July day, it was lovely to visit the beach without overheating!

3. Great Lakes “ocean-like” view – winds brought on whitecaps near the Lake Michigan beach that looked so much like what we would see on the Florida coast!

4. finding a wheelchair that allowed me to visit the beach – not just the boardwalk. We were able to rent one like this for the day – fun!!

5. family card games – maybe Euchre, Hearts, Phase 10, Fluxx, or “Love Letter,” family card games are indeed fun. 🙂