Day 24 – 30 Days of Thanks

With today being a Friday, 5 things of thanks are not difficult to come by! 🙂

5 things of thanks for today:

1. Fridays! – whether this is a work week or time of vacation, Fridays always seem to be special days. I like them, and I know I’m not alone,

2. fresh blueberries – it’s that time of year that blueberry farms have wonderful fruit – and it freezes well for enjoyment well after July!

3. sharing a trip to the movies with family – and if the show you go to see ends up to be not as good as you had hoped, you have somebody to joke with, groan with, laugh with… but you had family time together, at least.

4. cousins… again – earlier this month, I shared thanks for my own first cousins, but this week, I share thanks for my daughters’ first cousins (my nieces). It is lovely to see our children share time together – from crochet lessons to beach trips, this cousin time is indeed precious.

5. family time without trouble – the fact that up to 17 people can spend a week together, with 12 of that group being ages of eighteen and seventy-one, all sharing space within a rented home, without huge arguments or injury or other unforeseen difficulties…well, this just amazes me. With more introverts than extroverts among us, it’s been a neat time to connect as adults. Then prepare to return to our homes. 🙂