Day 28 – 30 Days of Thanks

As July continues to fly by, I continue to come into contact with many blessings! Some are things I take for granted – good things become too commonplace, I fear. I think this is the purpose of my new July tradition, to continue recognizing the many reasons I have to be thankful.

So what shall we highlight today?

Today’s 5 things I’m thankful for:

1. online school registration – When my daughters were five years old, I had to spend a few hours in different lines in the school cafeteria, filling out different papers and writing at least two different checks… it was rather crazy. The last couple of years, registration has moved more and more online – and this was the first year that it all worked for me as it was supposed to!

2. Corelle dishware – I am thankful for nice-looking dishes that are lightweight enough for somebody like me and durable (i.e. hard to break). Awesome

3. children who get along – As the teen years continue, it is fun to watch and hear the girls interact. The duets they create are a joy to listen to… wish I had been recording the instrumental/vocal Star Wars theme they created impromptu a few days ago!

4. Ivanhoe’s chicken salad – the grilled chicken salad sandwich is not only yummy, but it makes me think of my wonderful college roommate. I was thinking of you during lunch today, Catha, as I enjoyed the Ivanhoe’s lunch entrée you always favored. 🙂

5. “volunteer” tomatoes – two of our tomato plants are ones that sprouted in our garden on their own, from last year’s plants. We weren’t sure which type to tomato these were until today – they’re ripe, and the orange cherry tomatoes are great! (When two  of our tomato plants had wilted away, we replaced them with the volunteer plants, and these are their firstfruits of the season!)

Author: Angie

I am a wife, a mother, a writer and a child of God. Since 1997, I've lived with multiple sclerosis, and I find that when life slows down, I am able to see more of the lessons that God has for me to learn.

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