They are Sixteen Going on Seventeen…

Emily and Rachel at tea
2 1/2-year-old Emily and Rachel shared invisible tea for a very, very, very patient photographer.
Emily, Angie, and Rachel Fall 2014
Emily and Rachel are such an important part of my life!

Really? Sixteen? Not long ago, they were very little ladies finding their place in a childlike world. Today, we are so proud of the beautiful, talented young ladies who are making their mark on the world around them.  June 8, 1999 was an unforgettable day indeed. I may joke about parts of motherhood, but life is truly enhanced by Rachel and Emily. They don’t only make me smile, but they demonstrate caring, compassion and love in everyday life. Lest you fear perfection here, know that we do have typical teenagers who don’t enjoy cleaning rooms, like to hide in the bathroom when time for chores comes, and who often disagree. Loudly. But we couldn’t love them more, and we are so excited to see what the coming years hold for Em and Rach.  We’ll travel back half of their life, and I’ll share the blog I posted exactly eight years ago, reminding us to dream and to reach. (next week the “accessibility” thread will begin again. 🙂 )

Tracking Unicorns and Chasing the Moon
published June 7, 2007 – Eight years ago!

Unless you were on another continent this past winter, I’m sure you remember the Valentine’s Day blizzard. My second grade daughters will certainly not forget. They notice things I fail to see, and I love hearing their descriptions. The “older” twin (by thirteen minutes) received a book for Christmas about unicorns, and she had been on the lookout for telltale signs of visits. So it was that after the winds died down, leaving drifts galore, my daughter came excitedly to me, “Mommy – there are tracks! Unicorn tracks!” Sure enough, we could see through the window that one corner of the yard did show indentations in the snow. We had seen tracks from squirrels, birds, rabbits, neighborhood cats… and these had to be tracks from unicorns. To prove it, she retrieved the book and showed me a drawing of the type of unicorn this must be.Now her “younger” (and a bit shorter) sister has seen fairy rings and leprechaun signs, but the whole school got to see the starry-eyed dreamer at their variety show in May. Shel Silverstein is the girls’ favorite poet (quite appropriate for any self-respecting second grader), and she wanted to recite one of his poems. After careful consideration of several of his masterpieces, this young, starry-eyed girl chose Moon Catchin’ Net. So it was that with a butterfly net perched on her shoulder, she faced the microphone and declared, “I’ve made me a moon catchin’ net, and I’m goin’ huntin’ tonight!” I could just see this little girl chasing after the moon, swingin’ from the stars.

This Friday is the girls’ eighth birthday, and I hope I can continue to learn from them as I also hope I can teach them. Looking at the world through starry-eyed glasses isn’t always a bad thing. Granted, we can’t run through life always chasing the moon and tracking unicorns, but the girls help remind me that different perspectives do see the world a little differently. My “moon chaser,” while talking with me about this blog and possible topics, wanted to know if she could help write any of the entries. I said that I would love her to share her ideas, and not one to hold back words (ever), she had one idea already. “Mommy, I know there is at least one boy and one girl at school who have disabilities.” I know there are more than those, but she is thinking of people with a wheelchair or who have difficulty walking… and she’s right. I have watched the care and compassion that the school teachers and staff show to students who have physical or other kinds of issues. Seeing this example can plant seeds of compassion in the hearts of the students around.

So “Happy eighth birthday!” to my girls. I like a statement by writer Monica Petter in her essay “No Old Weeds, Please” in M.S. World, February 2007. “You can’t climb mountains without any legs, but you can find a way to the top if you dream.” Let us never lose the ability to chase the moon, track our neighborhood unicorns, or climb those mountains.

Author: Angie

I am a wife, a mother, a writer and a child of God. Since 1997, I've lived with multiple sclerosis, and I find that when life slows down, I am able to see more of the lessons that God has for me to learn.

8 thoughts on “They are Sixteen Going on Seventeen…”

  1. Please give both girls joyous birthday wishes from me. They have made me smile, laugh, and think most days. Blessed to be part of their lives.

  2. Happy B-day celebrating to all of you … As you ‘climb’ … Encouraging others to ‘climb’

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