Day 2 – 30 Days of Thanks – Northern Neighbors

Canada Day

Yesterday may have marked a day of change for me, but it was also another special day. For a number of my friends, Canada Day is a special day of celebration. I know that our country’s big day is coming in just three days, but I wish to give a late “shout-out” to my special Canadian friends! In their honor, today’s list is for them.

5 reasons I’m thankful for Canada

  1. Anne of Green Gables and beyond –
    LMM display
    I was able to display a few Lucy Maud Montgomery-related items at our town library four years ago.

    I read the book before enjoying the movie, and after reading the entire series (and all of L.M. Montgomery’s published works I could find), I developed a passion not just for this Canadian author’s works, but for the world of which she wrote. To know that PEI was not just a fictional place but was a real location… how beautiful! I knew I had to visit there someday. So thank you, Canada, for building such a beautiful culture and story to share with the world!

  1. Music – it’s fun to discover that musicians I had thought of as American are actually from our northern neighbor, Canada! Take Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Joni Mitchel, Bryan Adams, my husband’s favorite music group (Rush), and many others. I appreciate the often unpretentious style of Canadian arts.
  1. COWS family pic 08
    Here is our family after enjoying a treat in Charlottetown, PEI back in 2008. Special memories!

    COWS ice cream I wish it weren’t primarily on Prince Edward Island, but I’m so glad I’ve had two chances to enjoy this wonderful ice cream… and their t-shirts are so fun! (I have two, and they always make me smile. 🙂 )

  1. Online friends – For almost twenty years, I have been a part of an online literature discussion group, and more than half of the group members are from Canada. (The “Kindred Spirits” group began as we read Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books together. Yes, that Anne thing again. )
  1. Special friends – We may communicate via computer more than face-to-face, but we have dear friends who live in Ontario and in Manitoba, and these friendships are valued indeed. Sharing maple syrup or sweet corn, joking “aboot” the way we pronounce words, finding times we agree the metric system does make more sense, and having kids who now text one another about everyday stuff, we often wish we were closer than seven or eighteen hours.

Thank you, Canada, for sharing so much richness to your southern (sometimes less dignified) neighbors. And we’re excited that our Ontario friends are visiting soon – arriving tonight, in fact. Happy Belated Canada Day to you all!