Day 7 – 30 Days of Thanks – Twins Growing Up

Emily, me, and Rachel last October

I mentioned last month what a joy it is to have twins who are now sixteen years old. Some may wonder how one can be truly thrilled with teens of today, but they give me much to be thankful for indeed!

5 reasons I am thankful for Rachel and Emily

  1. They keep music in our hearts – When the girls were younger, we used to joke about them turning life into a Broadway musical, singing everything. Today, they still sing, but it’s usually in tune and sometimes in harmony.
  1. Their own kinds of caregivers – the girls watch out for me in ways a child shouldn’t have to for her mother… and they do it with love. (Thank you, Em, for carting the wheelchair from our vehicle at the store today so that we could all go through together. And thank you, Rach, for carrying the basket of stuff.)
  1. Learning to drive – People normally don’t enjoy helping teach teens to drive, but Em and Rach are finishing up their hours on their drivers’ permits, and we are finishing up their hours on their drivers’ permits, and as I have cut back on my own driving out of town, this allows us to run errands together.
  1. Budding chef! – Okay, both have learned to be handy in the kitchen, but Emily in particular enjoys filling this role. When the girls were seven or eight, we would play “Iron Chef” with particular things from our fridge, and Em would make a many-course “meal” that we would judge like the television cooking show. Today we’ve grown, and for supper tonight, Emily made crepes. From scratch. (We got the recipe a couple of months ago from a magazine, and this was her third time making them.)
  1. Love – Rachel’s hugs and attention to details I may overlook, and Emily’s sly glance because we share a sense of humor that sees bits of funny in life… and the way both love their mother in spite of physical frustrations… I am incredibly thankful for the special young lady each is.

I love you, Rachel and Emily!

Author: Angie

I am a wife, a mother, a writer and a child of God. Since 1997, I've lived with multiple sclerosis, and I find that when life slows down, I am able to see more of the lessons that God has for me to learn.

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