Day 10 – 30 Days of Thanks – family and flexibility


Blessings are present every day. Some are incredibly obvious, almost being shouted from the rooftop, but others are less ostentatious; they may be overlooked, or even interpreted as an annoyance. Not something to be thankful for, anyhow. This has indeed been a day with both!

5 Thing I’m thankful for in regards to Family and Flexibility

  1. Family travel time – Road trips for the four of us have been fun memory-makers. And when two sixteen-year-olds drove for long distances, and we have still never had a traffic accident, THIS is a reason to be thankful!
  1. Books on tape – When an adult is driving, we enjoy listening to books on tape, and our current book is Tom Brocaw’s The Greatest Generation, read by the author. Wow. (more on this later, I’m sure.)
  1. Sibling relationships strengthened by time – When I growing up, I remember people saying that one day, my brothers would be great friends of mine. I didn’t believe them. And I’m glad I was wrong.
  1. Weddings and flexibility – This summer, with rain almost every single day, is a dangerous time to plan an outdoor wedding… the beachfront would have been lovely, but I am glad that a window of dryness allowed for my nephew’s wedding to be outside NEAR Lake Michigan. Congratulations, Jordan and Heather!
  1. Change in Goodwill Sale day – The Goodwill stores of Central Indiana always have “50% off Everything!” sale the first Saturday of the month… unless the first Saturday is a holiday (like July 4). So today was this day… and though the store is usually packed and lines long on this monthly occasion, it seemed that people had forgotten about the make-up sale day. Lines were short, items were not picked over, and this was one of the most fruitful GW trips we have had for several months! (clothes, books, cd’s, games… unbelievable.) This was a great start to our day! (you’ll hear about one of the finds tomorrow. 🙂 )