Day 11 – Thirty Days of Thanks – When Little Brothers “Grow Up”

I mentioned yesterday how sibling relationships grow through the years. This is particularly notable when one is able to see her “Little” brother on his 40th birthday! birthdaysign

5 Things that make me particularly thankful for Matt:

  1. Fun, interesting memories – One that brings a smile to my face is from a time he visited me during  my sophomore
    Have fun deciphering Matt’s birthday shirt. 😉 And my t-shirt is “Thundercats,” in honor of Matt’s favorite childhood cartoon. (This was a Goodwill find from Saturday!)

    year in college. We decided to eat at Ivanhoe’s then attend a movie in Marion. As were in line, purchasing tickets to see “The Cutting Edge,” a flashbulb startled me a number of times. As we received our tickets and walked on, we were approached by a reporter, “I’m writing a story about teenage dating for the Chronicle-Tribune, and…” I stopped her short. “This is my brother.” I’m sure I ruined her story, as she saw a female purchasing the tickets and may have seen a story angle there.

  1. We shared my first “chocoholics anonymous” sundae at Ivanhoes – Check out number 22 on the menu – I had seen it, but I knew it would be too much for one person. And the only other person I’ve enjoyed one of these with is my husband. 🙂 (Yes, the sundae is as good as it sounds.)
  1. He incredibly smart and witty – …but he is also very kind and humble. There are so many tidbits that all come to mind as examples, but none of them quite gives the whole picture.
  1. He and I were our own kind of naturalists and explorers – When growing up, Matt would join me in traipsing through the woods that surrounded our home. We named different mini-regions, swung from the giant vine swing, identified flowers, repeatedly felt what happened if you stepped on a honey locust thorn, made shredded dandelion stems curl magically in a bowl of water… fun memories indeed.
  1. Matt is a great family man – Matt is a wonderful father to his two lovely daughters, and he and his remarkable wife keep each other on their toes. Matt also shows frequently that he cares for his extended family, and I’m so glad that he, his wife and daughters live just six hours rather than three time zones away! (The move came a few years ago, and it’s been nice to see him more than two or three times a year.)

Happy Birthday, Matt – love you lots!