Day 14 – Thirty Days of Thanks – OUR Anniversary Celebration!

knight wedding album
July 16,1995

After a wonderful time of celebration yesterday with my parents, today it was our turn. On July 16, 1994, I was blessed to become Mrs. Angela Marie Knight. And there are so many things I am thankful for! I’ll just choose five for today, but as a result, this is quite incomplete.

5 things I’m thankful for today as T.R.’s wife:

  1. our anniversary trip last year
    our anniversary trip last year

    That grin and eye twinkle: T.R. has a fun way of finding humor in life, and we have laughed together at times. Like when he says, “I’ll race ya!” as he pushes a wheelchair I am in. I always win. 😉

  1. Foodie fun: We both enjoy exploring foods together, and he
    meringue  dessert
    meringue dessert

    is becoming an expert of sorts in home cooking. As such, we always enjoy trying and appreciating new things when we travel. Today, I had a dessert I’d never enjoyed before – a baked meringue bowl, filled with fresh fruit and cream. I enjoy meringue candy during the holidays, but this was a first… and it was lovely in appearance and flavor!


  1. Patience: When two individuals are married, they always grow in ways they may not have expected. Though it’s not always natural for him, T.R. has become amazingly patient with the likes of me. He helps this already lackadaisical lady compensate for, accept, and face necessary delays in life.
  1. “Daddy!” : T.R. is a wonderful father to our two daughters. He went from changing diapers sixteen years ago to helping them learn to drive today, and he has continued to show his love for these lovely ladies. It is such a joy to have a partner like this as we guide our daughters through life’s challenges!
  1. In sickness and in health – He continues to honor those wedding vows, and he holds my hand and passes a tissue while we wander through the path that is MS. I do know this life looks different than the one we likely dreamed of twenty-one years ago, but the journey remains hopeful and joyful because we’re walking (or wheeling) together.

I love you, T.R.!

Author: Angie

I am a wife, a mother, a writer and a child of God. Since 1997, I've lived with multiple sclerosis, and I find that when life slows down, I am able to see more of the lessons that God has for me to learn.

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