Day 9 – Thirty Days of Thanks


As hot weather looms nearer, this cooler day was much appreciated!

fm cheese

5 things I was thankful for on this lovely, cooler, windy day! 

  1. Cheese curds – When we visit an area farmer’s market during our annual summer trip, one thing we always make sure to purchase is a bag of fresh cheese curds. Mmmm!
  1. IMG_0260Waves – Waves, even on a lake, are both beautiful and fascinating. Wind, even though we can’t see it, holds tremendous power!
  1. Smooth rocks – I love how water smooths rocks beautifully, making perfect skipping stones.Em finding rocks
  1. Skipping stones over lake waves – This was something we had never experienced before!
  1. Cooler break in the heat – I always appreciate it when what is generally the hottest time of year has a little alteration from normal. I like being able to appreciate a bit of nature, when heat so frequently keeps me penned inside.