Day 1 – Thirty Days of Thanks, year five


Five years ago, I was so thankful that my mother was cancer-free! July 2012, I challenged myself to apply a practice of my mother’s during her chemotherapy treatments. She had been encouraged to write “5 things she was thankful for” each day – a sunset, a fragrant rose, a soft pillow…  I don’t know what was recorded in her journal, but my challenge is to follow Mom’s example again. Pondering blessings helps lift the spirit, direct one’s thoughts, help focus on our Father.

This year, starting in March or so, I had extra icky stuff come my way. Those of you who are familiar with MS appreciate with me how this particular bit of immune messiness holds one particular trait I love dearly: unpredictability. With that comes new adventure. And new lessons. Over my thirty days (which begin July 1 and may or may not end on July 30), I’ll plan to share things I’m thankful for that I hadn’t even realized I was taking for granted.

So here we have today’s list…

5 thankful things I appreciate even more (than I did a year ago):

  1. Ability to speak – The tongue is an amazing little organ! I am so thankful that I can twist it around and move or click it in ways that can make intelligible sounds.
  1. Ability to eat – There’s that tongue again. Chewing and swallowing are overrated… until they become almost impossible. I’m so glad that  is (mostly past!
  1. Smoothies – I know, food again… but when uncooperative body bits revolt, smoothies can quench a burning tongue like nothing else.
  1. Our beautiful daughters! – Em and Rach spent the past three weeks or so at a really neat summer learning opportunity, CRAM. And yesterday, they came home! We love our girls and are so happy that they’re home.
  1. Patient, care-giving husband – Particularly the past few months, T.R. has had more reason to keep me up and going. So much to say here, I know more details will come in coming days. 🙂  Love you, T.R.!

Keep watching in days to come – my heart is brimming, and this will be a fun celebration of blessings!