Day 10 – Thirty- Days of Thanks – prayer


On this lovely Sunday, our family’s time of worship had us looking at prayer – an amazing gift that I continue to aim to understand. So today’s thankful things will start with prayer!

Today’s 5 Thankful things:

  1. God who answers prayer – Even when the answers aren’t quite what we thought we needed.
  1. spring robin 2God who knows – …even when we don’t. This photo of the robin was taken in front of our house four years ago, and it’s in honor of the similar robin we affectionately named “Dumb Bird.” Why? I’ll give the story next.


  1. Because too often, I’m the “dumb bird. This particular robin decided that he needed to build a nest over our front door, on the little ledge there. At only an inch or so deep, we knew a nest there wouldn’t survive, so we continually removed the pile of nest-building material he’d pile there. Each time we’d remove them, he’d pile them again. He didn’t see that we had removed those for a reason. Dumb Bird’s story was a parable God offered me – when I desire to build a nest that wouldn’t work, I know God has a tree somewhere that would suit me better than the ledge I deem as perfect.
  1. Family helps answer many of our prayers and needs – I continue to be amazed at how God continues to answer prayers and meet needs that I didn’t even know I had.
  1. Laughter – I love how happy laughter of family and friends can help lighten the heart and mood, giving God a chance to turn my ear to Him!

Day 9 – Thirty Days of Thanks


As hot weather looms nearer, this cooler day was much appreciated!

fm cheese

5 things I was thankful for on this lovely, cooler, windy day! 

  1. Cheese curds – When we visit an area farmer’s market during our annual summer trip, one thing we always make sure to purchase is a bag of fresh cheese curds. Mmmm!
  1. IMG_0260Waves – Waves, even on a lake, are both beautiful and fascinating. Wind, even though we can’t see it, holds tremendous power!
  1. Smooth rocks – I love how water smooths rocks beautifully, making perfect skipping stones.Em finding rocks
  1. Skipping stones over lake waves – This was something we had never experienced before!
  1. Cooler break in the heat – I always appreciate it when what is generally the hottest time of year has a little alteration from normal. I like being able to appreciate a bit of nature, when heat so frequently keeps me penned inside.

Day 8 – Thirty Days of Thanks

Time for another look at five more things I’m thankful for – summer is so full of these! (So are spring, fall, and winter, but summer is when I have time to contemplate them, I suppose.) So here we go –

5 Things I’m Thankful for Today:

  1. Fresh rhubarb pie – Who was the first person who decided to eat the thick stem of this tangy fruit/vegetable? And who discovered that the leaves were toxic? Fun dinner conversation.
  1. Baked pasta dishes – Either lasagna, baked spaghetti, ziti, or something totally different, cheesy and saucy recipes bring a smile to my face. And make my tummy happy.
  1. McDonald’s restrooms – Okay, this may sound silly, but I am thankful that when we’re traveling, I can always count on McDonald’s restaurants to have a clean, safe restroom I can stop in when I need. And I don’t feel guilty if we don’t purchase something every time we go, as our family has given the golden arches lots of business over the past decade plus.
  1. Coupons we remember to save – I love it when I remember to save a coupon, and have it with me when we need to use it!
  1. Things like Twitter that teach me to choose words carefully – and letters. Can I share a coherent thought in under 140 characters? I can try.

Day 7 – Thirty Days of Thanks – physical

disabilitiesThis morning, as I went through normal bits of routine, I couldn’t help but notice a few very obvious snippets of life here that I was very thankful for! Why does that bit of thanks deserve an exclamation point? Well, as you may recall, my “invisible” disability is sometimes very obvious, as MS impedes my dexterity, to put it mildly. So here I’ll share some thankful things that are very real to me.

5 helpful things I’m very thankful for:                      

  1. shower seatChair in the shower – I’m not sure why it took so long for me to figure this out, but last year, my husband and I realized that a shower wasn’t invigorating me, but was exhausting me. After a time or two when I dropped down to the floor, we decided that sitting while showering was worth a try. Boy, did this help!
  1. Bars in the shower grab bars– We’ve had these for almost a decade now, and I appreciate this so much!
  1. toilet gripsHandles around the porcelain “throne” – It is so helpful to have a handhold when sitting on or getting up from the toilet. Not fun to talk about, but even less fun to struggle with when you’re stuck.
  1. Rockerrocker switches and bar light switches – I’m so thankful that our light switches are all this type, so I can hit it with an elbow or palm of my hand, rather than having to hook a toggle switch. For those who have traditional switches, changing to this type is a simple, inexpensive way to add accessibility to a room.
  1. rampSmall ramp near garden – Most of our doors out of our house are at ground level, but our back door has a small step. This was a tiny bit frustrating, but T.R. found a tiny ramp we could order to help fix this stumbling spot. Cool stuff!

Day 6 – Thirty Days of Thanks


Today, I thought I’d highlight a few simple blessings that may only warrant a passing thought. Time to think again – care to join me?

  1. Freshly washed sheets – What a wonderful feeling to have soft, freshly scented sheets to slip between. Aaaaahhh.
  1. Teflon pans – How nice for food not to be inexorably stuck onto the inside of a cooking pan.
  1. Soft carpet beneath my feet – what a blessing to have a soft surface to walk on, when my feet are bare.
  1. Electric lights – flick of a switch – and there is light! No candle, no fire, no mess. It’s magical.
  1. Music – I love the sound of piano melodies wafting through the air as a daughter practices “just for fun.”