Writers’ Bloc

Bloc (n): A combination of persons, groups, or nations forming a unit with a common interest or purpose.

“Writers’ Bloc” meets weekly at Taylor University, where area writers and editors gather to discuss and review proposals, chapters, essays, and ideas. Members include published authors, newspaper columnists, bloggers, editors, those with yet-unpublished works, and aspiring writers. Professors, community members, and recent grads have been gathering since 2009. Originally just called “writers group,” the name “Writers’ Bloc” was adopted in 2016, with a nod at the purposeful pun. Spanning decades of life experiences, writers and friends enjoy gleaning tips from one another as we share an hour together each week.

Who belongs to Writers’ Bloc today? I am so very proud to call these writers my friends. They have encouraged me to reach byond – or even embrace – my limitations as I write. Each is so very talented! I invite you to visit their blogs and see for yourself:

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